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Cintamani products undergo a strict quality control process and testing.

Cintamani products undergo a strict quality control process and testing. There is a two year warranty, from the day of purchase, on all Cintamani products. The warranty applies to flaws in the fabric and the workmanship of the product but not to poor treatment, normal wear and tear, damage, when washing instructions have not been followed and other things of that nature. Our warranty only applies if the customer can provide us with a proof that the product was bought within the last two years, that can be done with the receipt, a bill or a bank statement that the customer provides.

If you suspect that your product is flawed in some way, then you can either come to our store at Austurhraun 3, 210 Garðabær or send the item to the same address with a note about the flaw. There our store manager can evaluate whether the item is flawed or not, this process can take up to three days.

If the item proves to be flawed we get it fixed at Cintamani's expense, if a repair proves to be impossible we will provide the customer with a new compatible item after having consulted the customer. We refund flawed items as a last resort. Attn. repairs can take up to 7-10 days.

Regarding returns in our A3 Outlet, returns are possible just like in any of our other stores if you have your receipt with you. In some cases the product is a sample or is has an appearance flaw, in those cases it is always noted that the product can’t be returned and that our warranty does not cover those products at the time of purchase.

Prices, images and/or product information this website are subject to change without notice, at the sole discretion of Cintamani.

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